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2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Every Car Enthusiast

2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Every Car Enthusiast
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There are many tools, accessories, and auto-related products you can give as a gift during the holidays for anyone that loves cars. Items that you know someone would love to have but just never got around to buying, or just never thought of purchasing, that can make diagnosing car repairs or inspecting certain parts that much easier.

With a large number of parts and tools to choose from, sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to buy or know where to begin. So, these holidays, we created a holiday gift guide of some great ideas to get you started. All you have to do is go down the list and follow the link to some of these gifts, and that car enthusiast that you know will have one more item for their car-related needs.

Cell Phone Holders

Cell phone holders are perfect for GPS or making a call safely while driving. And while it’s not best practice to drive when on the phone, sometimes that’s not always a realistic option. A cell phone holder that temporarily or permanently installs can make your driving easier and safer. Windshield, dash, and vent mounts with all kinds of quick grips, such as magnetic or spring clamps, with extendable, rotatable, or flexible holders that make it easy to install and connect your phone quickly can allow you to use and see many features of your phone while keeping your hands on the steering wheel.


There’s many accessories that can help put on finishing touches or keep up with maintenance. Microfiber cleaning cloths designed for washing, dusting, or polishing your vehicle without damaging the surface; tire pressure gauges to check the psi in your tires; tire inflator air pumps to refill tires conveniently; or a magnetic trailer alignment kit for attaching a trailer quickly and easily are some of the items available that can really help when it comes to taking care of the car.

Floor Mats

Protecting the carpet from unwanted outdoor elements is always important. Easy-to-install floor mats can be purchased to keep the interior stain-free from dirt and debris, or to replace worn floor mats with weather-resistant quality.

LED Light Bars

High quality light bars and work lights can be a great addition. Work lights up to 18 watts and LED light bars up to 312 watts, some curved, dual row, and waterproof, can greatly improve vision for off-roading or an added look.

Fender Flares

The jazz is all in the name. Fender flares can give your truck some flair. They won’t take too long to install. They can also protect the body and paint around the fender from road debris like rocks, salt, and mud that can be kicked up by the tires.


Most car repairs call for tools, and more tools means you can tackle more repairs. Some tools can help you complete an install, and others can help you identify problems with your vehicle.

Diagnostic tools like scanners or specialty tools like test lights and battery testers can help diagnose problems like a bad battery or broken window. They can be very handy for identifying the cause of issues and eliminating any guesswork.

There are also tools that can help with specific repairs, such as spark plug sockets, oxygen sensor sockets, harmonic balancer pullers, serpentine belt tools, wiper arm pullers, and even larger sockets for axle nuts. These tools can make removing and installing certain parts a simpler process. Many exist to assist with certain repairs and make them easier. In some cases, some of these tools are even necessary for installing certain parts. Special tools also provide an opportunity to complete the whole job yourself.

It’s important to work with tool sets that are reliable and made of good quality. At 1A Auto, these are just a few of the special tools and sets you can find from us that can help make your repairs go smoothly and last you a long time.

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